Podcast with Dina Readinger – KWRH-LP – Nina V’s Talk Radio Feb 2017

ACE Coaching Co.

Leader Coaching

Merger & Acquisitions:

Culture transformation in the midst of transition is never easy. In fact, M&As have a 70-90% failure rate! We can help you optimize and accelerate performance, even while you are in transition.


Team Coaching

Team Coaching:

Imagine a coaching experience that empowers, transforms and propels your team to the height of performance by breaking down silos for cross-collaboration, developing the talents of your people and inspiring engagement!

St. Louis Leader & Team Coaching

Why It Works:

Experience the measurable difference of a revolutionary approach that combines proven Team Advantage coaching with the invaluable insights of Team Emotional Intelligence to produce quantifiable results!


About Dina

As the winner of multiple Leadership Awards in the pharmaceutical/ biotech industry, Dina Readinger brings an unparalleled perspective to Team Advantage coaching that you won’t find anywhere else. With extraordinary expertise in product launches and turning organizational upheavals into growth opportunities, Dina’s coaching will strengthen and solidify your team to bring you quantifiable results.

“Cultural Optimization for Companies in Transition to Accelerate Financial Performance ”

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