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Mergers & Acquisitions

Team Optimization for Companies in Transition produces quantifiable results for companies who are losing dollars due to high turnover and poor team execution.

Let’s face the facts: most mergers and acquisitions fail. Companies prepare for M&A by focusing on financial reviews and operations, but the focus is rarely on analysis of key talent or on planning properly to merge two companies with two different cultures.


Ace Coaching will work with companies in transition during the crucial time after a merger or acquisition takes place. Timing is everything when tension is high and profits are dipping after a closed deal. Employees are less productive and turnover is usually high. During this time it’s important to bring in experts that understand how to get things back on track, improve communications and team performance.

​"I will help diagnose your situation, develop, and carry out a plan so that your company can prosper. My goal is to assist you in developing your own thriving culture that you can sustain on your own."

Founder and President, ACE Coaching Company, LLC,  Dina Readinger is a certified team optimization coach, specializing in creating cultures that drive revenue.  Surviving four M&A during her own career gives her a lens to see employee needs from both the employee as well as the manager. 

Leaders must find alignment and collaboration strategies before M&A to ensure a smoother, less costly, transition. More importantly, employees must be a part of this change process and engage in ideas for creating a company they are inspired to be a part of.  Dina's expertise is in coaching leaders and employees to design an agile organization that's sustainable and inspires others to be collaborative and accountable. 

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