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Diagnostic Thinking

Diversity Diagnostic Leadership Development is designed to enhance Corporate Women Leadership, DE&I and ERG programs addressing Burn Out, Employee Frustration and Underperformance, causes of the "Great Resignation." 

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Our Mission

We show others how to author their career with a process, in a zone of psychological safety, for fixing “broken thinking.” It’s time that employees find the confidence for taking back control of their lives and careers and help others to “see them, for who they are.”

Are you being passed over for promotion or feeling rejected?
Were you told you were great but denied the opportunity?
Are you feeling stuck or stalled in your career?
Are you frustrated?
Is there a disparity between men and women at your job?
Have you been over promised and underserved?
Or are you simply unsure about what you want to do next and how to get there?

the Program

You May Have No Idea You Are Suffering From Broken Thinking!

You can go to the best business schools in the national, take all the training the world has to offer, do vision boards, and meditate, but it does not address “Broken Thinking,” and no one knows what is really happening. We are so convinced we are right because we created a narrative that supports every decision that we make, that we fail to see we are solving the wrong problem most of the time.

Only five percent of our thinking is conscious thinking, and the other ninety-five percent of our thinking is subconscious, which is operating in stealth mode, sabotaging our deepest desires, wants, and needs, and it is secretly running our lives, and we do not even know it. We all suffer from Broken Thinking.


By nature, women are more likely to withhold ideas due to their own internal fears of being judged as a weak leaders or making the wrong decisions, experiencing micro-aggressions for their ideas, sex, the color of their skin, or even age. Frankly, there is less time to "think." The hyper-reactive amygdala will take charge and create avoidance of backlash and even leave. Broken thinking can be fixed with the right process.

Seventy percent of those that go through this robust six-month program find new roles or create new roles.

Diagnostic Thinking Groups are Designed to Solve Business Critical Problems and Create Confident Next Generation Senior Leaders

One hundred percent of people who go through a Diversity Diagnostic Thinking program say they are much more confident in creating new career paths, handling frustrations, and optimizing team and peer performance. Senior Leaders who are investing in Diversity Diagnostic Leadership Program for Women Leadership Development programs, ERG, and or DE&I are finding this process to be a game-changer for happier, healthier, and higher-performing organizations. 

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Women Leadership Coaching

Learn more by booking a free consultation.

"I have helped hundreds of women create confidence for breaking their broken thinking, create career acceleration and live a life they love."  - Dina Readinger, CEO
of Diagnostic Thinking & Ace Coaching Co.

6 Month Diagnostic Leadership System

Diagnostic Leadership System
Business women talking

We have been transforming talented global women in business into Wonder Women leaders of today, recognized for their courageous decisions and results-oriented action steps. Find out how our program can work for you.

Latest News

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Book Release

Excerpt from Dina Readinger's Book (Arriving Summer 2022)

1.8 M women left the workforce during the Covid Pandemic

- National Womens Law Center


30% of women worry about losing their job to technology.
57% of women plan to leave their current job within two years (Deloitte)
52% of women deal with non-inclusive behavior based on gender discrimination (Deloitte)
4% of women say their organizations have made progress in building inclusive cultures that support women. (Deloitte)

Dina Readinger

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The Story Behind Diagnostic Thinking

Reflecting back over my career, soon after retirement from my corporate job, I remembered times when I was frustrated, over-promised, and underserved, and only until I went back to school after my retirement did I realize, that everyone suffers from Broken Thinking. There was no process for creating confidence for decisions when fear enters in. I created Diagnostic Thinking to fix Broken Thinking since 2016 and helped hundreds of women during pandemic times, around the globe, create career acceleration and a life they love. 

Founder & CEO

Women are confident in their skills, but they are not confident in strategically leveraging their skills or communicating clearly their wants and needs for fear of backlash. Women will withhold ideas due to their own self-defined internal fears where the hyperreactive amygdalas may lead to an undesirable or reactive decision, not fully vetted for success.

Diagnostic Thinking Fixes Broken Thinking!

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Interested in Diagnostic Thinking? Purchase Dina's book Think Differently, available now!

Woman holding her hands to the sun to symbolize holding all the answers.
You hold all the answers in your hands. With Diagnostic Thinking, you can find your way to the answers.

"...Hands down one of the best coaching sessions I have experienced. With a small group of executive women, Dina coached us through an intensive critical thinking process that got us through mental blocks, sharpened our ability to problem solve, and allowed us to grow."
Stacy Feiner, PhD, Business Coach

What Others Are Saying


Sonali Roy

Director of Integration Delivery | Digital Transformation | Healthcare IT | Strategy and Innovation Leader

“This kind of a program should be in all the organizations,  who are going for organic growth and wants to really have a culture where people feel safe, and there is a system in the organization to not only help them on the domain or technical knowledge that is required for them to grow  in the carrier, but also to help them have a holistic view, right.”

Image by Andrew Neel


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Lucy Adams

Principal & Manager of Marketing Development at CDG Engineers, Inc.

“Prior to that Diagnostic Thinking, I was on a leadership track. I don't know if I would have gotten to where I am today and been as confident, or have made those promotions if it were not for being in a Diagnostic Thinking Group. It has really helped me to reframe my thinking and not be so rigid, and how I think everybody else should have been thinking about a situation.”


Shashikala Menon

Re-imagining Healthcare Through Digital Transformation

“When you experience Diagnostic Thinking in a safe group and you follow the methodology, you can see what difference it can make. Even for seasoned business leaders, like myself, people who are experienced, who are in senior management, we benefitted so much; you can imagine what the ripples of benefit it can create across a large organization.


Dr. Deepa Desai

D Cube Consultancy, LLC

“Suddenly you realize that you're looking at a problem with six or seven people who are looking at it from their experience and different perspective. Suddenly you think that, oh! There are so many possibilities. So I think that Diagnostic Thinking creates possibility within an organization. When I am diagnosing for a businesses, this process helps to streamline  the situation. So I think that this pattern of thinking helps you to do something which is for a long-term, rather than a short-term vision.”

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Leslie McAlister

Vice President Finance at Bayer Crop Science, Germany

I would say don't hesitate, but do it! It's about the journey. It’s about taking those sessions where you're not in the hot seat and learning from [those who are in the hot seat]. The thinking process  is really critical, because what I learned through the 10 to 12 session process I will have for my career.

Women leaders who long to extinguish the voices of judgment, worry, and the fear of failure will find the power of a Diagnostic Thinking Group undeniable. Changing how we think changes our future. The power of membership in a DT group is undeniable!

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