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When Women Come Together- The Magic Begins... With You!

Dina Readinger, CEO ACE Coaching Company LLC & Diagnostic Thinking, LLC

Author, Speaker, Coach

When women come together, by design, there is magic.

Our new book "Thinking Differently" captures stories of women around the globe who have learned the art of Diagnostic Thinking. What I realized is that all women from all over the world, suffer from the same ailment, Broken Thinking. Broking Thinking is a lack of confidence from not having a process for making the best decisions, and fear drives us away from the things we want and need the most.

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These last seven years after I ended my corporate career, I must find myself again, find new ways of tackling old problems, my own thinking. I have been evaluating, researching, creating, building, and now sharing the process with women who are looking for a differ