Stop Losing People, Productivity, And Profit During Mergers And Acquisitions

 M&A failure rates can range from 50-80%.
Ace Coaching works with companies in transition to create the best outcome for everyone involved.

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Failure to plan is planning to fail!

Stockholder value is retained when a plan is in place before the M&A. 

Mergers and acquisitions are always personal. Dina Readinger of Ace Coaching has been through multiple mergers and acquisitions and is a certified coach for managing the most difficult part of this business decision: the human element.


About Ace Coaching Company

History has been known to repeat itself. No matter how many mistakes have been made by companies going through a merger or acquisition, the same lack of planning contributes to ultimate failure. Employees live in fear of the unknown and have constant uncertainty of losing their jobs.

Ace Coaching optimizes companies in transition by taking a different approach. We focus on the keys to protecting stockholders, coaching through fear, creating certainty with uncertainty, fixing the "broken thinking", and solving the right problem at the right time.  Ace Coaching excels in optimizing team performance and creating self and socially aware leaders. 

Schedule an appointment, call or email us to find out how Ace Coaching can build a plan to help you retain the best talent, maintain productivity, and ensure profitability during your company’s transition.


What We Do

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At least 70 -90% of mergers and acquisitions have failed over the last 50 years. We make sure your company does not become a statistic.

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Executive & Team Coaches can optimize companies in transition to produce quantifiable results for companies who are losing dollars post merger.

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Small critical thinking groups are facilitated by Dina to create confident leaders by developing new thinking skills and strategies for success.

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START HERE: Take The Most Accurate Human Assessment Available

An important starting place is to understand what motivates you. This priceless information will help you rediscover how to approach difficult situations.

The Core Values Index™ is an online assessment helps reveal your unchanging motivational drivers and how you contribute to the world around you. This can assist in changing the way you think about your strategies and goals. Fill out your free assessment to get started.

Experience Matters

 Dina has survived four transitions within her 35 year corporate career.  These include a hostile takeover, merger, acquisition, and asset exchange. 

Dina knows the right moment to step in and make all the difference. In 2016, Dina successfully transformed the team at Wallis Oil Company, a one billion dollar company, and the team at UGas Dirt Cheap, the company Wallis Oil was acquiring. Wallis Oil Company doubled in size to $2B and, with Dina's help, only lost one employee the first six months.

About Dina Readinger

Dina has the experience and process for helping private family-owned businesses or publicly traded companies. Dina’s process develops leaders with a new way of thinking for creating a culture where people are inspired to stay and be a part of the change.  Building trust quickly and approaching every situation objectively, Dina helps teams tactically take on the first six months post-close, building strategies, developing KPIs that move stock price, and creating psychological safety for employee transition teams, focusing on solving the right problems and economics of best choice.  Right strategies come from developing the right culture for sharing great ideas and safety for frank conversations. Retention strategies should be your number one focus to maintain stockholder value.

Click below for your free consultation on how best to plan for the post-close retention of employees and your stock value. 

Dina Readinger of DT and Ace Coaching
Dina's mission is to inspire the human spirit for people, processes, and performance!
Parallel Lines

The Process

We will listen, react and guide your team members towards solutions to get your business back on track. Here's how our process works.  

Crowded business meeting

4-6 Week
Discovery Period

Identifying the barriers to profitability.

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2 Day Kick Off

Creating a path to success.

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Formulating the Plan

Creating a team-developed plan with accountability to the plan.

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Measuring the Results

Accountability, feedback, execution and profitability.


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Dina's differentiator is that she inspires you to hold yourself accountable... "to live in your truth." She's able to quickly identify the root causes of my challenges that clarified the right questions, which ultimately led me to the right solutions.

MBA | VP, Ferguson Consulting Inc.

Justine Dugan


Dina did a remarkable job of organization and leading the volunteers to build community and achieve results. I highly recommend her as a coach and trainer for any company or organization that is seeking extraordinary improvement.

Chairman & Co-Founder, Experts4Entrepreneurs

Bill Prenatt