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Over Promised, Underserved, Burned Out Corporate Women & Their "Broken Thinking"

Women Need Psychological Safety to Fix Their “Broken Thinking”

Friday, March 25, 2022

Team Coaching Process Opens Subconscious Mind, Creating Career Acceleration

Close to 2M women are leaving corporations because they are suffer from “broken thinking”, solving the wrong problem at the wrong time.

Women In The WorkPlace, McKinsey, Sept 27, 2021, states women experience the broken rung, immediately when entering the workforce. Women of color are losing ground at a much higher rate than white women. Women continue to face a broken rung at the first step up to manager: for everyone hundred men promoted to manager, only eighty-six women are promoted. The broken rung starts even early in life, as a young girl, when they were told to conform, serve, do more, be perfect, and comply with a social norm of servanthood.

Women and middle managers will lead the great resignation in 2022 showing a greater reduction over 2021. Middle managers are more likely to leave due to burnout, overpromised, underserved, and are looking for “what’s next”?

Dina reveals, “Women share they are reluctant to speak up for themselves for fear of backlash. They are frustrated, burned out, and ready to walk out. Women biologically make different decisions than men do based on their past experiences, creating self-defined fear, a flight or fight response, riddled with doubt, continually making less effective decision, and finding themselves frustrated, burned out, and stuck!”

Pharma global senior leaders share with Dina, “We are looking for women leaders who are decisive, confident, lead change, and communicate well.” Dina believes, “Women must develop their subconscious thinking. This can only be done where psychological safety is pledged, and a rigid professionally facilitated process reveals new and exciting strategies for success.”

Dina shares, “I too was overpromised and underserved during my career and in constant fear of being seen as weak or less smart. When I retired, I saw other woman suffering the same way I did during my twenty-five years in corporate America.”

Women are desperately looking for the “strategies” to take back control of their career and want to take back their power to narrate their career, fix their “broken thinking,” and get out of their own way. Diversity Diagnostic Leadership System creates the safety women need to create new neuroplasticities for the subconscious mind. There’s power in the tribe. Seventy percent of women who go through Diversity Diagnostic Leadership System develop confidence and new roles within 9-12 months.

Dina Bio:

Dina Readinger’s forty-year career in corporate America led her to create a powerful and undeniable system, Diversity Diagnostic Leadership Systems, which helps employers create psychological safety, and a process for retaining key employees, and developing empathetic leaders. Dina is a speaker, author (Book Release Summer 2022), certified team and leadership coach, specializing in change management. She has a BS in Biology & Chemistry, Nuclear Medicine, and EMBA from Washington University, St. Louis, MO.

Phone: 314-550-2477


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