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The Science of Spirituality and Team Optimization

Updated: May 1, 2022

Harvard Business Review, The New Science of Great Teams, states the “God’s eye view” of team performance rests in the spirituality of the team. The MIT documented science at the Human Dynamics Laboratory states that creating an environment where everyone is valued and heard is critical for team dynamics. I have coached many different teams since 2008, both virtually and live, and nothing replaces the benefits of face to face human interaction to spark the human spirit.

Tuckman’s theory of team transformation has proven that effective communication among team members is a must and a safe environment must exist before employees begin to share their ideas for change. It seems simple, Yet, it can be the most challenging skills for a team to learn, especially during the stormy stages of transformation. I have to remind managers and CEOs, early in team transformation, that they must release the need to control outcomes and allow me, as a coach, to best direct the team.

Process driven teams, by nature, are teams struggling to learn “how” to listen to each other and withhold bias or judgement based on their personal inference of power over others. Many times, the biases are driven by their need to model their leaders' behaviors in order to find favor from their current leaders. This can, many times, undermine the teaming processes. Teammates may even be so bold as to say "that’s not my job” when, in essence, the job of performance is the responsibility of the entire team.

Anyone involved in the development of the product or the delivery of customer service is responsible and accountable for the entire process. The two foundational truths for optimizing revenue and teamwork is the belief that everyone is accountable and a safe environment exists. This can only be done when social and emotional self-awareness exists and everyone learns the art of being present.

Below are a few steps towards increasing social awareness at work.:

  • Leaders, sit with your employee and understand what they do every day. Look at the world through their eyes.

  • Interview top key customers to find out their experience with your company and their ideas for improvement.

  • Build a platform where people have to learn from each other, not just providing lunch, but one with robust exchange among employees.

What can ACE Coaching Company and Dina Readinger, MBA, do for your Team?

Dina transforms underperforming Corporate teams by inspiring the human spirit for people, processes, and performance; increasing collaboration, accountability, and strategic execution.

Dina is an ICF Team Business Coach, coaching teams and their C-Suite leaders for over ten years with exceptional results. She has coached and consulted, pharmaceutical, biotech, healthcare, manufacturing, trading, non-profits, real estate, IT, policy, and project management teams. For further information, please visit or contact Dina at

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