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How To Find a Mentor Who Fits Your Career Goals

The recent win of the US Women’s Soccer team World Cup FIFA 2019 was exhilarating and confirming around the disparity between men and women and pay for performance. The women soccer players will get paid $250,000 vs. the men who get a resounding $1.3M in winnings, a seemly mere pittance for being number one in the nation of elite athletes. Regardless of a women’s ability to perform, their pay is different. It’s the hard facts supported by years of research. Changing the mindset of the world is like turning the Titanic. It’s slow, it takes skill for both men and women, and it begins with one woman reaching across the table, helping other women succeed. Mentorship is a hot topic for women who are looking for opportunity and parity at work. Here are a few things to consider when you fill a need for a mentor.

Navigating the need for mentorship

First thing I recommend for anyone who wants to scale the corporate ladder is to find a mentor. You’ll see this recommendation made by many, and there are things you will want to consider before you go searching for a mentor.

First things to consider: Influence not mentorship

If you don’t know the answer the question, how much influence do you have at work, then mentorship is not the first thing to work on, it’s the web of power and your likability score among the people around you and those at the top. If others do not genuinely like you, you will not influence with your current skills set or any of those skills you want to develop. You will get ignored and passed over. Do your homework, and find out who the tribal council members are for promotions and create your board of directors.

Raise your likeability score