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80% of Employees May Be in the Wrong Seat

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

I have been working with companies where it seemed that 80% of the employees are either disengaged, feeling the pains of burnout, or even displaying overt, eye rolling discontent with their team, leaders, and their companies. Sound familiar?

M&A fail 70-90 % of the time. The average? Eighty percent! Eighty percent of the workforce is wasting money and time.

Remember the old 80/20 rule? In sales, we know that 20% of our customers give us 80% of our business. That same rule applies to our employees. Do you know that up to 80% of your employees are in the wrong seats, giving you disproportionate effort not because they disengaged, the core problem, but because they are in the wrong position?

In these situations, their innate nature is not being served to bring their best contribution. Companies have tried to reverse this by putting money in Talent Plus, Predictive Index, DISC, Hogan, and many other behavioral assessments. CEOs and Boards hire these companies to assist them in the evaluation meant to develop better into better leaders, but the sad fact is that it does not. The goal is to hire the right people, but it still fails.

The largest entity in St. Louis that uses Talent Plus has a 25% turnover, why is that, and how much does that cost? There is only one way you can put people in the right seats, including your leaders, is to know who they are first. Leaders have to know who they are and have to understand the core values that fit top performers. You can’t change who people are, so let’s work with the person they truly are instead.

If you want to know who you are at your deepest level, click on the link below and click yes for the one-hour coaching debrief.

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