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WOMEN’S LEADERSHIP ACCELERATION: Two Powerful Self Development Opportunities

Dina Readinger, CEO of Diagnostic Thinking and ACE Coaching Company is a new partner with Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In circles for working women. Dina currently lives in Springfield MO where she plans to continue to build Diagnostic Thinking Groups and Lean In Circles both virtually and live.

What’s the difference between Diagnostic Thinking Group and a Lean In Circle?

How to choose between a Diagnostic Thinking Group and a Lean In Circle

Data shows that women in leadership positions have to work extra hard to stay “out of their story”. It’s the story that creates career limitations and actions on the wrong problem. The Diagnostic thinking proprietary process was specifically designed to help women leaders find, frame, and solve the “right problem” the “first time”, creating career acceleration.

Diagnostic Thinking Group is by invitation only and vetted to bring diverse experiences within a group of women leaders from different industries. The members have at least one direct report, and some find themselves frustrated, stalled, or paralyzed making their way up the corporate ladder. Others desire to be more valuable to their teams and the companies they serve.

This group meets once per month for 3 hours, excluding December and July. If you have interest in learning more about the power of a DT group or interested in joining a group, call Dina at 314-550-2477.

Diagnostic Thinking Group Career Acceleration Outcomes:

  • 100% of the participants surveyed shared they were more confident at work

  • 70% were able to negotiate more pay

  • 40% received promotions.

Please contact Dina directly @ 314-550-2477 or email Dina at to find our more or join a local Diagnostic Thinking Group.

Steps before joining a Diagnostic Thinking Group

If you are not currently a leader with at least one direct report, or currently in a leadership position, and you want to learn strategies for overcoming workplace bias then joining a Lean In Circle would be your first step.

Lean In Circles were develop by Sheryl Sandberg after her book came out, Lean In for working women. These circles are to educate, develop personal goals and strategies while creating a positive network of liked minded working women. This group is an opt-in group that will meet at The Library Center in Springfield, MO the third Thursday of August, September, and October from 6-8 pm, and seating is limited. Reach out to us to learn more.

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