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What's Getting In The Way Of Women and Their Careers?

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

By: Dina Readinger, CEO Diagnostic Thinking

Diagnostic Thinking develops solid, confident women leaders who get results!

Societal Norms – Hard To Break!

Society has a frame that women must do it all! Most women, especially this last year, have taken on most of the tasks at home and work and feel like they have to do it all. That's not to say men are not participating in household expectations. Many men had to step up if their wives had a career outside of the home because it took a tribe to manage lockdown or the family experienced a meltdown. Many women are still carrying the load managing home tasks and children and creating a narrative around their self-defined expectations for doing it all and being perfect at everything. Perfectionism also carries over into their work-life, and the history continues, “I have to be perfect, or I will not receive equal opportunity.” Women fight fires at home and work, they are exhausted and burned out, and many had decided to throw in the towel when they are overlooked for promotion.