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The Secret Sauce for Women Who Want Success“Thinking Differently” Creates Different Outcomes

Dina Readinger

Co-Author, “Thinking Differently”

CEO Ace Coaching Company

Just imagine you just found out that you are let go after six months after your hire date. Just imagine that you have just been told that the hiring manager chose “the other candidate,” and yet, you are great at what you do. There is no feedback, hint, or indication suggesting that you were not the “perfect fit” for the role. You are crushed! You ask your boss, “What do I need to do to get promoted,” and he hands you all his non-promotable projects, administrative tasks, and items that will move his career forward, but not necessarily yours. Sound familiar? Now you are really in a pickle! You now have more work than ever, you are burned out disappointed, and unhappy with most things in life.

What if you had strategies for overcoming age bias, and disparities, managing the fact that you are overpromised and underserved and being used as a doormat for others' success. What if you find out after you have done a leadership program that tasks you with endless hours of non-promotable work, only to find out, you were passed over? What you believed to be true was a lie.

The lasted statistic tells a bigger story. Women continue to leave the workforce and are having a demanding time recouping two years of COVID’s hurricane of events. From February of 2020 to January of 2022, 1.1 million women left the workforce and represent 63 percent of all jobs lost.

The game-changing book, soon released, called “Thinking Differently” is a change in basic assumptions for the working woman. “Thinking Differently” authored by Dina Readinger and Sharon Weinstein is packed with life stories of tragedy to triumph and gives specific strategies that answer this age-old question, “How do I get where I want to go?”

Women are tired of waiting for opportunities and struggle for creating their own success. Women must develop a new mindset, get out of the blame game, and take ownership for what they want and deserve. We are no longer the victim but the conqueror and no one is in your way, except you, if you let it.

“Thinking Differently” is packed real-life success stories from women who span the globe. The revelation from six years and over six hundred Diagnostic Thinking Groups proves that all women carry the same fears, angst, desires, and similar symptoms related to their career stalls. Women want more and need more!

“Women need each other to move forward and a methodology that accelerates new thinking and different outcomes. The book answers the age-old question, “How?”

How do I create the success I want and need to feel happy in life and at work?

Ø Women must feel safe to unpack hidden fears

Ø Confidence for finding their own self-value

Ø Fearlessness for communicating needs and wants

Ø Feel valued and heard

Ø Strategies for effective negotiations

Ø Processes for handling conflict

Ø Ability to create their own opportunities and equities for life and work

Ø Freedom for authoring their own story and not waiting for others to decide their fate

Ø Optimizing the employee experience for bigger outcomes, for self and others.

Women want to be happy in life and work. Yes, they can have it all! Women need a radical re-awakening for turning painful, “What if” , into a strategy that creates self-confidence and selflessness. “Thinking Differently” is the magic sauce for unpacking the subconscious, unaware mind, the self-sabotaging narratives, when under stress, causes many women to throw up their hands and say, “I am done. Senior leaders attest to the undeniable impact from women who have experienced Diversity Diagnostic Leadership Systems and organizational impact.

Dina Bio:

Dina Readinger is a speaker, author, and certified team and leadership coach with forty years in corporate America, creating high-performing teams through multiple mergers and acquisitions. Dina created Diagnostic Thinking to create inclusive cultures and high-performing women leaders. She has a BS in Biology Chemistry, Nuclear Medicine, and EMBA from Washington University, St. Louis, MO.

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