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Lead By Example

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

The relationships between team members within an organization and their assigned tasks can be affected by a lack of clarity around roles and responsibilities and can have a devastating impact on productivity. In organizations that are experiencing rapid growth, many employees may be actively campaigning for visibility and recognition from the C-Suite. They may be seen as overzealous, finding themselves ignored, and less effective. They may become agitated and frustrated and fail to see their ineffective abilities to be a collaborative team member. When the motivations of an employee have focused on recognition for self and not the team, they will find themselves with less opportunity. No one is inspired by someone who is self-absorbed. Many fear that “stepping out of their lane” will get them fired when in essence; change requires people to step out of many lanes and reach out to the brilliance of others.

• Leaders who can develop employees and set an expectation of collaboration and celebrate

expected behaviors will get more from their entire team.

• Leaders who establish a feedback process for both employee development as well as leadership development will empower fearless teamwork and much higher productivity.

What can ACE Coaching Company and Dina Readinger, MBA, do for your Team?

Dina transforms under performing Corporate teams by inspiring the human spirit for people, processes, and performance; increasing collaboration, accountability, and strategic execution.

Dina is an ICF Team Business Coach, coaching teams and their C-Suite leaders for over ten years with exceptional results. She has coached and consulted, pharmaceutical, biotech, healthcare, manufacturing, trading, non-profits, real estate, IT, policy, and project management teams. For further information, please visit or contact Dina at

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