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Just Sayin'! Five Things Women Do Wrong

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Five Things Women Do Wrong!

By: Dina Readinger, CEO- Diagnostic Leadership Systems

My recent research, which is still ongoing BTW, about what women do that creates career stalls for themselves has been very insightful. Thank you to all those who have participated! You know who you are!

Many authors, bloggers, and experts in Women Leadership talk about the external world for women who work and the career stalls, shared in a recent Forbes article.

What if you could take control of your life and career and get the result you deserve and want?

Thank you to everyone who supports my cause for creating solid and confident women leaders with my signature Diagnostic Leadership Systems. A special shout out to those like-minded for the advancement of women and creating change with D&I programs. My research reveals many great insights, and many more women around the globe, continue to share their journey. Thank you for your willingness to “be the difference”.

The Global World of the Working Woman

Depending on the culture of where a woman lives, she has a lens. The lens is their experiences from their childhood. These experiences and beliefs can either catapult career acceleration or, for many, the delirious feeling of being “stuck” or “stalled,” even feeling isolated, on an island of misfits. The metaphor of feeling like a “mouse on the wheel” is a standard narrative, and many feel stuck!

Here are a few findings: