Building High Performing Teams


About the Seminar

If you are inspired to lead others, understanding how to build strong teams is a crucial asset to your future. Building High Performing teams requires leaders to step into a process to become more self-aware and socially aware.

There are three relationships to manage as a leader:

Self – Are you aware of your impact on those you lead? Are your teams collaborating nicely, or are they working in silos where egos and self needs are getting in the way of success?

Authorities, Directors, Supervisors, Customers – Do you have their support or buy-in? Do they understand your purpose, your “why” for being in your role?

Peers - How is the relationship with those that have no power over you and you over them? Is there exclusion of any party? Are you able to be open and honest with dignity and support for the other person? Do you trust each other? Do you understand the communication needs of everyone, and have you made it clear what your needs and wants are?

If your team is underperforming, your next step is to take this survey and offer it to your team. This survey will glean insight into the top three areas of concern for yourself and your team. It does not matter your role, manager, or staff; anyone is welcome to take the survey. Understanding the needs of your team is critical for setting expectations, designing capabilities that enhance performance, and creating an environment based on trust.

Do NOT step into a leadership role unless you understand how to serve others well. Otherwise, it’s all about you. Being a great leader is helping others.