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Learn About Your Motivations Through the Core Values Index (CVI)

About the Seminar

The Core Values Index ™ (CVI) is the most reliable assessment ever created in revealing the unchanging nature of an individual. It characterizes and quantifies what Abraham Maslow called "the unchanging innate nature of a person" that inscribes where a person can make their highest and most productive contribution to the world.

The Core Values Index is a foundational piece for self-awareness, social awareness and relationship management. Understanding who you are at your deepest core levels to create a life they love and enjoy and bring their best selves to everyday living. Behind every core value, there is a need. Needs of self and others will show up in many ways and may cause conflict when certain conditions are not meeting expectations. Having a language for your family, teams, partner, spouse, children, peers, and superiors is a vital piece and foundation for Diversity Diagnostic Leadership Systems. Everyone that has taken this assessment has found value, and it fits who they are at their deepest core levels.

Feel free to take the free assessment and book a 30 min one-on-one session with ACE facilitator Dina Readinger. If you are frustrated by the lack of career opportunities, team performance, and feel stuck in the rut of things, CVI is a perfect beginning to understanding what you need to feel happy and fulfilled at life and work.

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